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Easy financial management for entrepreneurs.
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you have all the info you need anytime & anywhere:

  • Warnings: tax, due dates, balances
  • Timekeeping and easy payroll
  • Reports, projections & investments
  • Business Intelligence & CashFlow
  • Schedules, Interaction Management etc.

Always safe! Secured & encrypted on mobile, tablet, laptop

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Financial Centralizer

Financial centralizer

daily, weekly, monthly… all the relevant figures, without any irrelevant  accounting details.

Users accounts with access levels and different rights

collaborate and grow together based on in company transparency and maximum security on the outside.

Tax Warnings

Real time warnings

about all you’ll need to pay or cash in, when and how much: VAT, tax, due dates, margins.

Comments and clarifications for any transactions & chat

to discuss on the past payments, plan future ones, brainstorm on any financial issue with your team.


Cash Flow projection

track any due dates and see if you’ll have enough cash to pay them at the due time.

Timekeeping & payroll

Timekeeping, Payroll and complete employees reports

so that you can free your mind and focus on the key elements for your business.


Advanced reporting

dynamical, graphic and tab view with: real figures & useful intelligence

Modulated and adaptable

Adaptable for your needs, module structure

you will get exactly what you need and pay nothing else.

Instant access at all the functionalities, updated with maximum compatibility and mobility.

  • Windows: desktop, laptop & mobile
  • Mac & iOS
  • Android & BlackBerry

Basically, any device with browser and internet connection

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