When the accounting data is irelephant...

Elefin offers you all the insights that you need, how you need & when you need to take the right decisions.

Enlight the future of your business!

1 centralizatorYou always have at your reach the relevant financial transactions by days, weeks, months or years. Finally you can focus on the things that matter, don’t lose your time and energy with irrelevant accounting reports.

10 multiuserFrom now you can work with your partners, managers, accounting/bookkeepers from anywhere, anytime. Use the figures, transparency and flexibility to create trust and results… a real “money storming”.

13 accesInvite your employees to see only the information you want to share or share everything with your partners. You chose who, what can see and do. Create your own working system and team: who inserts the data, who can check, sees and other. All the data are secured, encrypted and stored on Amazon servers in Ireland for your peace and safety.

3 avertizariImagine how your life will be if you knew from before what taxes you’ll have to pay so that you will be prepared. We calculate and show in real time VAT and all taxes and we are warning you so that you can take the best decisions. 

4 programariHow could be to never forget about an invoice to charge or a bill to pay, and even more to know from advance how much money you will need if you will have it. Everything in real time notifications with one simple calendar view. It’s not magic, just Elefin.

5 salariiEasy and efficient… hourly, daily, weekly, monthly with bonuses, debts, advance payments etc – you have permanent access and automated calculation. Extra: also calculates and schedules the tax for your employees.

8 rapoarteWith your customers and your suppliers. From now, you will not lose any invoices, you know anytime exactly what you have already payed and what you still have to pay. You can track any interaction anytime, everything at the touch of your fingers.

11 clienti furnizoriThat shows you the key elements that control your business so that you can leverage them. You can see at a glance all the relevant data and identify where can you improve performance. You will find: graphics, tabs, dynamic, printable, exportable etc.

2 chatReal time connection with your team to take the best decisions or brainstorm and then you can filter exactly what you need in chat. You can comment on any financial transaction, ask clarification or schedule another ones.

9 mobilSo, you have a smartphone, but how do you use it in your business? The simple access from your mobile device empowers you with complete control of your business either you are traveling or in holiday. All the power to take profitable decisions with a single touch.

7 intuitiveDesign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs is fast and easy to use even by nubs, with multiple customization options, fast access to what you need. You can easily find the logic of the things. Our premium technical & business support always will help you to have a better understanding on how your business is working and how your money are moving.

6 cross platformNo need to install, update or download … always functional and updated with the best features. You have access anytime, anywhere on any device…. enjoy!

12 detaliuAnything you are looking for is there for you, how you need it to give you maximum benefit. You can see all the unknown details or you can see the entire ensemble to perfectly adjust the system.

14 modularaCustomize the app as you need it and pay nothing more. The modular structure allows you to chose and modify anytime what and how do you chose to use. What modules do you need for your freedom?

Adecvated solutions for any type of business.

Simple. Accessibile. Efficient.