There is life beyond accounting...

for the things that matters most.

Finally you can relax

When the stress almost made you quit, Elefin brings you to solution to see, feel and understand your business like never before. It is almost like a confession, revealing it’s most hided secretes, and this makes you free. This way you’ll have the certainty that you did not missed anything and you can reach the next level: forgive and never make the same mistake twice. Grow!

Win time and good mood for the things that matter most.

You can feel the effect from it’s first days, and the general wealth comes in only a couple of weeks: when you will not lose weekends with paper work, the insights you have will allow you to easily grow your business, with an unprecedented value.


It is the time for relaxation, if not yours at least for your business.

You have the opportunity to collaborate with your team, share with them what you need, even if you are in holiday or traveling, make sure that your business grows.
You have access to all the data in a completely safe and secure environment.
Thanks to Elefin’s modular structure you chose what you need for the good of your business and pay only for them.

Finally you can trust your partners.

Even if you were disillusioned before, now you can quit other kinds of therapies, all that you need is here: complete tranparency between business partners, entrepreneurs and managers… on every single transaction, the figures don’t lie.
Prevent future disillusions and develop your businesses based on trust and growth desire.

Positive results without unjustified errors.

Now you can take profitable actions based on correct and concrete data.
You’ll easily find fast and efficient solution, by always knowing your money flow, without the almost routine headache, and the reports are adequate to your needs… you can & you should relax and just follow your business growth path.
Put your money to work even on holiday.